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Nu-Shine Mobile Commercial Cleaning Services

A Clean First Impression

Nu-Shine wants your business to sparkle! Your customers or clients first impression should be that you care how your business looks. After all, if it's clean on the outside, it must be clean on the inside, right? A clean building also sends a message to employees, reminding them that attention to detail is a high priority and that they should take pride in working for your company!

A Safer Way to Clean

Nu-Shine uses the very best biodegradable detergents available, but that is not enough. How they are used is even more important!

Many contractors use cleaners that have a sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide base because they are cheaper. But hydroxides are caustic cleaners used in oven and drain cleaners. Sure, they work, but risks are high and can damage surfaces.

With 26 years in the business, Nu-Shine has the expertise to safely and effectively clean your business!

“Brad does AMAZING work! He cleaned the astro turf in our outdoor batting cages. They were completely coated in mold and mud from years of exposure. He saved us THOUSANDS of dollars by avoiding replacement and it kept hundreds of yards of carpet out of the landfill.”
Rob Mackley
Greater Richland Little League
Richland, WA

Commercial and Industrial Cleaning:

  • Facility exteriors (storefront, office, signage, windows, dumpster area)
  • Sidewalks and parking lots (gum/stain removal, brighten color)
  • Transportation (fleets, semi-trucks and trailers, RVs/motorhomes, boats, airplanes, trains)
  • Farm/Agriculture (tractors, livestock trailers, equipment, barns)
  • Recreational equipment and facilities (batting cages, Astroturf, bleachers)
  • Large interiors (shop, car wash, parking garage)

We Also Offer:

  • Rust removal (on multiple surfaces)
  • Snow plowing and de-icing
  • Wastewater recapturing system (protects storm drains)

Have a cleaning challenge? Give us a call (509) 967-2664
“Sherwin-Williams worked with Nu-Shine on repainting the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter. After they pressure-washed the building, it looked great! Having that clean surface to work on made the painting go much smoother and more quickly.”
Tristan Crandlemire
Sales Rep, Sherwin-Williams
Richland, WA

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